How does investUP work?

Already know how it works?

1. Sign UP quickly

It takes less than two minutes to register with UP for free. Once we have completed a few legal checks, you can start lending across lots of different P2P sites.

3. Configure Bert-e

Set up your personal lending robot. Choose your target interest rate, loan exposure and which platforms you’d like to lend into, and off you go.

4. Monitor your loans

Now you can sit back, enjoy the view and start earning interest.

Well done – you’ve taken the first steps to building your portfolio. Remember though not all your loans will necessarily perform over their entire term. As with all investments, lending to businesses carries risk, and you may experience a loss on your original investment.

Want to get into the little details? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still looking for answers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Learn about BERT-e, our lending robot

BERT-e is your personal lending robot. If you want to get involved in P2P, but don’t have the time to pick and choose each loan, then BERT-e may be perfect for you.

Designed for the armchair investor, BERT-e will automatically lend out your money to businesses. He’s super simple to set UP. All you need to do is pick your target interest rate, choose which platforms you want to lend to and how much you want going to each loan. Then let BERT-e do the work. You can switch BERT-e off at any time.

Using BERT-e does cost a fee, UP will take 10% of any earnings - this is about 1% of your portfolio. For example, if you lent £1,000, you could earn £100 and pay just £10.00 (assuming you achieve a gross return of 10% pa)

Your money will only be lent to companies on platforms which you give explicit instruction for, which may include Real Estate, Debt and Invoice Factoring. BERT-e is not offering any advice, and is making no guarantee on future returns. You’re capital is at risk.

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Learn about our crowdISA® (Coming soon)

The crowdISA account (coming soon) is something we are super proud of. Our crowdISA® is the only market-spanning ISA out there. If you want to lend money within the Innovative Finance ISA tax wrapper, but don’t want to just lend on one crowdfunding site, then our crowdISA® is for you.

Simply open UP your crowdISA® account, lend money either by using our automated Robo-lending tools, or pick and choose deals you like. Don’t forget using the crowdISA means you won't pay tax on your earnings. So, for example, if you earnt £100 in interest, you would take home £100.

Sign UP now to register your interest and we’ll let you know the very second our crowdISA® launches.