Meet the UP team

Our Story

James, Chris and I (Dom) created investUP back in 2013 with the belief that crowd investing and crowd lending would change the world. We believed it was our mission to educate and help create a world where everybody has the opportunity to start investing. And we’ve never wavered from this fight. You can now lend money and buy shares from across more than 20 P2P & crowdfunding sites on UP. We’re super proud to be making investing an everyday thing.

The UP Team

As UP, P2P & crowdfunding continue to evolve dramatically, we’re keen to attract people as passionate about this amazing sector as we are. We only recruit direct, so if you’re feeling loved UP, do get in touch via our jobs page here.

James Tuckett James Tuckett Co-founder & CEO LinkedIn Entrepreneur, crowdfunding evangelical, tech geek and massive space enthusiast.
James Tuckett Chris Bradbury Co-founder & CTO LinkedIn Full-stack web developer & entrepreneur with a deep love affair with all things Lego.
James Tuckett Dom Wolf Co-founder & CMO LinkedIn Wide experience in brand development for telco giants. Obsessed with making investing brutally simple to understand.
James Tuckett Henry Doe Creative Director Dribbble Great creative mind and successful entrepreneur - has built a number of his his own startups.
James Tuckett Will White Operations Director LinkedIn Chartered Accountant, debt restructuring and administration expert, as well as all round operations geek.
James Tuckett Stephen Kenny Commercial Director LinkedIn Built the Betfair sports exchange tech. Ex-CEO of Property Investment Market. One of the true P2P pioneers.
James Tuckett James Rai Finance Director LinkedIn Chartered Accountant from ASOS. Passionate about high-growth tech start-ups and crowd-investing.
James Tuckett Cary Depel Legal Counsel LinkedIn General Counsel and Risk & Compliance Director for Gerrard plc, IFX plc, ECU Group plc and LMAX.
James Tuckett Kieran Potts Software Developer LinkedIn The first person to join team UP. A true front-end legend and and all round west country gent.
James Tuckett Stephen Stroud Software Developer LinkedIn An excellent software developer who loves to get creative. He dreams of code which optimises itself.
James Tuckett Victor Arbués Software Developer LinkedIn From a broad coding background, if Victor cannot do it, then it really can’t be done.
James Tuckett Paulius Grigaitis Software Developer LinkedIn Excellent coder and all round expert. Watching Paulius working is not dissimilar to watching the matrix.
James Tuckett Duff the dog Security LinkedIn Duff is a dog. A big cuddly scary security dog
James Tuckett Jim Milby Chairman LinkedIn Ex-Co-head of Global Operations at Barclays. Experienced board member and mentor.
James Tuckett Phil Bruce Non Exec LinkedIn SVP of Corporate Strategy at LSE. Experienced board member and marketplace infrastructure specialist.
James Tuckett George Granville Non Exec LinkedIn UBS Wealth Management, Hedge Fund Partner, Entrepreneur and now crowdfunding enthusiast.
James Tuckett Paul Staples Advisor LinkedIn Entrepreneur and ex-head of EMEA custodial services at JP Morgan.
James Tuckett J-S Gourévitch Advisor LinkedIn Global & European expert in strategy, market intelligence, business development, regulatory & public affairs.
James Tuckett Perry Blacher Advisor LinkedIn Fintech specialist. Two start ups both sold, VC with Chase and Amadeus, operational experience with Microsoft.
James Tuckett Tom Wallace External Legal Advisor LinkedIn Independent legal advisor, friend and mentor to the entire team.